Subspace/Continuum Population Statistics
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Directory Server at

The directory server at contains the following zones (last update 1290 day(s), 2 hour(s), 28 minute(s) and 46 second(s) ago):

SSCE Hockey/Football Zone162.248.95.1437501Enabled1343
SSCE Hyperspace162.248.95.1435005Enabled1341
SSCJ Devastation69.164.220.2037022Enabled1343
SSCJ Galaxy Sports69.164.220.2037240Enabled134
SSCJ MetalGear CTF69.164.220.20314000Enabled134
SSCU Death Star Battle209.160.69.163600Enabled13421
SSCU Extreme Games66.36.247.837900Enabled13422
SSCU Trench Wars66.36.247.835400Enabled134167
SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS66.36.247.8313500Enabled13439
SSGO Ground Warfare (SSC)
T3 The Gauntlet! (SSC)
TGB Realism Zone198.50.129.1462594Enabled134

Player count is retrieved from the directory server, zones with 0 players have no player count displayed for clearability