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Welcome to Subspace/Continuum Population Statistics!


Welcome to the new and improved Population Statistics!

This website tracks and displays population statistics for zones of the game Continuum (formerly known as Subspace).
The statistics are gathered by requesting the population counts of specific zones every minute. Every 5 minutes, graphs are rendered from these results and displayed at this website.

Directory Servers

Every 5 minutes the available directory servers are queried for the complete list of zones. The results are displayed under the 'Directory Servers' menu item. There you can find a total population graph and a complete list of the returned zones per directory server. The information from the directory servers is also used for zone information, like the zone description.

Zone population comparison

Note that there are two comparison graphs available under the Zones menu item. The comparison graphs currently only feature the SSCE, SSCU and SSCX zones, as these zones are least likely to change server and/or name.
The first comparison graph is showing the total population having all the counts stacked upon each other, the second comparison graph makes it possible to compare the populations amongst the featured zones.

Display graphs on your own website

You're free to use any of the displayed graphs on your own website. The rendered graphs are exported into static image files, preventing resource problems when they are requested on other websites. These static image files will always keep the same name for the specific zone and graph type.

Display population count on your own website

If you want to display the population count of a specific zone on your website, I suggest you take a look at the PHP ping client by Goldeye.
This client only works on ASSS servers but is easily converted to be subgame compatible using the Ping protocol.

If you see any problems / errors with the website or graphs, please let me know by using the form at the Contact page.

Have fun!

Posted on 19 August 2010 by Maverick