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SSCJ Distension

Current server date and time: Tue Jul 16 2024, 13:02 UTC
Time left until next refresh: 2:40
Zone information
SSCJ Distension, the Trench Wars RPG.
Server type:ASSS
Reported version:134
Highest population:7
Arena population
Availability in directory servers
SSCJ Distension : Hourly (1 Minute Average)
Hourly (1 Minute Average)
SSCJ Distension : Daily (5 Minute Average)
Daily (5 Minute Average)
SSCJ Distension : Weekly (30 Minute Average)
Weekly (30 Minute Average)
SSCJ Distension : Monthly (1 Hour Average)
Monthly (1 Hour Average)
SSCJ Distension : Yearly (1 Hour Average)
Yearly (1 Hour Average)
SSCJ Distension : 10 Years (1 Hour Average)
10 Years (1 Hour Average)